WE’RE BACK! Opening up after Lockdown

YES! This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for

We are sure that just like us, you have been counting down the days, hours and minutes. Until we can see each other again, and dance dance DANCE!!

As you can imagine we are not out of the woods just yet. And Covid will still have a massive impact on how we have to run our classes and events this year. So with this blog, we would like to bring you up to speed on the (temporary) changes that we had to make. And the Covid-19 safety measures we all have to follow.


The First group activities that we are going to re-open are the Monday classes and practica in Euston. Starting on Monday the 31st of May. Just so you know, there will be limited availability in the classes and the practica, until the 21st of June.

After the 21st, assuming there will be no changes or delays, ALL restrictions should be lifted. And we can gradually increase the number of participants again. For more information and to learn about the changes at I LOVE MONDAYS, please click the button below.

What about Your other events?

We can hear you thinking… What about Tango@Spitalfields and Tango Garden? More information about these events will be announced very soon! Keep a close eye on our website here, or even better, join our Tango-Fever Newsletter (so you will be one of the first to know and get your bookings in).

Covid-19 Safety Measures

YOUR safety and comfort in our classes & events, is our number one priority! The past few weeks we have spoken intensively with the venues, researched everything on Covid-19 safety, and created extensive risk assessments. In order to keep all of us as safe as possible.

So we kindly would like to ask you to have a good look at all the Covid safety measures we have put in place. As they will apply to ALL Tango-Fever Classes & Events, and NO exceptions will be made!

Loyalty Cards, 2-for-1 Offers and Class Cards

We know that many of our Friends and Students, have bought a Loyalty Card, Class Card or the 2-for-1 Offer, in the beginning of 2020. Before the Pandemic broke out. No to worry, we have not forgotten about you!

One of the things we have to do in order to comply with Covid-19 regulations, is to have a Track & Trace system in place. This means that ALL participants need to purchase and book their classes online. Unfortunately that means we can NOT combine your online purchase, with our (paper) loyalty cards. After the 21st of June when all restrictions will be lifted, we can resume accepting our loyalty cards again.

Complete Beginners classes (Tango 1), and Improver classes (Tango 2), will resume again shortly after the 21st of June. And we will have a solution for the (2-for-1) Offers and class cards that you have bought last year!

Online Bookings & Purchase

In order to purchase and book your classes and/or events, you can use our Tango-Fever Booking Page. Selecting your preferred class and/or event, will take you to the NearYou platform, in order to complete your online purchase. You will have to create an account, but it’s FREE and only takes 3 minutes to complete. (remember, currently we can not accept at the door payments)

NearYou also has an App that you can download for FREE from the various online stores. Where you can book & pay for your Tango classes and events with us, in just a few clicks!

Questions or Comments?

We know that all of this is a LOT of new information to take in… (we are quite dizzy from all of it ourselves). We’ve tried to keep everything as clear and compact as we possibly could.

BUT we can imagine that some things still might not be entirely clear to you, or that you have some (additional) questions for us. So please feel free to contact us via email, by using the button below.

We can’t wait to see all of you on the dance floor again soon!!