SAFER DANCE SPACES FOR TANGO IN THE UK There are many wonderful and welcoming Tango communities all over the UK, where people can enjoy dancing Tango and socialising with one another. Most of the time these are very safe places to meet and socialise with each one another, but unfortunately, sometimes inappropriate things happen, on or off the dance floor, … Read More

WE’RE BACK! Opening up after Lockdown

YES! This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for We are sure that just like us, you have been counting down the days, hours and minutes. Until we can see each other again, and dance dance DANCE!! As you can imagine we are not out of the woods just yet. And Covid will still have a massive impact on … Read More


2020 Has been an unprecedented year so far, with Covid19 bringing many challenges big and small for everybody. But we’ve been blessed too, knowing that many of our family, friends and students have been keeping (relatively) well, healthy and safe! One of the things we miss the most about our classes and events is the social interactions; the chats, the … Read More

How do I invite somebody to Dance? Tips & Tricks

Argentine Tango is unique, and quite simply one of the most beautiful dances in the world. Dancing tango socially can be fun, cathartic; even transformative. We want to make sure you are getting the most out of those precious moments on the dance floor, and enjoying the milonga experience as a whole. One of the trickiest things, especially for beginners, … Read More

Anneclaire & Martin’s Wedding Dance (is a Tango of course!)

One of the most rewarding things of being a Tango teacher, is having the pleasure and honour to guide people on their dance journey – especially when they choose Tango as their wedding dance. Join us as Anneclaire & Martin tell us the story of their Tango journey from their first steps in our school in Euston. To their wedding … Read More