Intermediate level Tango Classes in London

We run Intermediate Level classes in many locations in Central London. You can see the details in the timetable section below. Tango-Fever is one of the biggest and friendliest Tango communities in London with quality teaching and the best Tango Teachers from around the world. Come join us. If you have any questions about any of the classes, please email

If you would like to dance Tango more than once a week, this is the best and cheapest way to start learning Tango. You simply pay a subscription amount and can take unlimited number of classes in any of the locations. Please note that you will be allowed to take classes up to your level. Simply buy a subscription from the Subscriptions page and turn up to any of the classes and show your subscription confirmation email. You can find the full weekly class schedule here – Weekly Class Schedule.

Book individual classes
If you are not able to commit to doing regular Tango classes through the subscription or course options, you have the flexibility to book for individual classes when you can using the timetable below.

No Classes Scheduled at the moment