The Tango-Fever team, serious and not so serious…

2020 Has been an unprecedented year so far, with Covid19 bringing many challenges big and small for everybody.

But we’ve been blessed too, knowing that many of our family, friends and students have been keeping (relatively) well, healthy and safe!

One of the things we miss the most about our classes and events is the social interactions; the chats, the laughs, hugs and great conversations. We missed feeding you watermelons on balmy August Mondays nights and celebrating your birthdays and ours at I Love Mondays.

So in the spirit of catching up here’s a little update on what the Tango-Fever team has been up to since we paused our activities back in March (how has it been that long?!). Banana bread baking and Netflix marathons aside, the amazing, creative and wonderful individuals that make up our team have been creating/learning/teaching and adventuring….


“working on the next Tango Blog”

Writing Tango blogs was a project long in the making, sharing all the experiences, Tango knowledge and stories that we’ve build up over the many years. We have SO much that we want to share with you, so keep en eye out on the next Tango-Fever Newsletter!

The past few weeks I have started to teach private 1-on-1 classes again, with Covid safety measures in place of course. So if you’re eager to start dancing again, and would like to try a private session. Then click on the button below to go to our website for more info!

We have a special offer for our Pricate Class Packages between 12 April to 12 May!!
25% OFF on 04 and 10 Private session packages.


Hiba hard at work developing the upcoming Colomba Podcast!

Hiba’s studio in Camden was hit hard due to the Covid-19 crisis and unfortunately she had to make the difficult decision to close it. BUT in under 4 months, she managed to turn the ”Studio in the Sky’ to the studio in the Cloud: Colomba Online. A consetellation of wellbeing, Colomba is “a space to connect your mind, body and soul and to nurture them through play, creativity and mindfulness”.

Read the full story of how Hiba reimagined her business here.

And have a look at the on-demand online courses on offer here including Maeve’s wonderful Ballet Basics.


Didem composing a new song
“working on a song, which will be my first single. when I’m not binging on Netflix of course “

Didem is an amazing singer, musician, composer and music teacher too! So if you want to learn how to sing or play piano and get “Rocking” check out her online classes.


“went back to my teenage years, only with less hair this time”

Working from home , despite the tight space as we are 3, worked fine. My German flatmate, learning to know me better, created the ashtag on twitter #theitalianflatmate as apparently i am an interesting person for social media 🙂


“just came out of the Sea of Moyle, after a ‘refreshing’ October morning swim”

Multi-talented Maeve has been teaching and attending tango, contemporary and ballet classes online, screendance projects, new interior design skills (aka pushing furniture to the side of the room to dance), learning my favourite Yeats poems, chatting with my cat, becoming less scared of technology, and collaborating with the brilliant Hiba to create dance courses for Colomba Online. All in all, an enjoyable few months. 

If you want to learn more about Maeve’s online classes, drop her en email HERE. Or go to her Facebook page by clicking on the button below.


“I’ve been out in the country side on my new mountain bike, trying to not think about Tango too much”

Besides being an awesome Tango dancer, Anja is also a SUPER sporty person! “I’ve been out in the countryside on my new mountain bike trying to not think about tango too much”


About to get on a ferry from Spain to Portsmouth on my motorcycle

“About to get on a ferry from Spain to Portsmouth on my motorcycle”

Did you know that Dimitri is a professional Voice coach? If you want to improve the way you present yourself online, hold online meetings or just want to investigate your communication, drop him a line! Quote TANGOFEVER for a free 30 min online consultation.


“Dominika hanging out and having fun with one of her nephews”

Dominika has been keeping herself busy learning French, and gradually filling her flat with plants. She has also started volunteering with an organisation supporting refugee women in London.


Well, that’s it… Now you’re up to speed on what we’ve been up to.

BUT we would really love to know how YOU are, and what kept you busy and entertained the past few months!!

So please feel free to write a little update about yourself in the comment section below.

We can’t wait to see you on the dance floor again soon!


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