COVID-19 safety rules & risk

Your safety and comfort are our number 1 concern.

And there is nothing that we want more, then to get back onto the dance floor together with you, as soon as humanly possible! 

But as you can imagine the Covid-19  Pandemic has changed our lives quite drastically... So in order to run our Tango classes & events as safely as possible, we had to make some (temporary) changes in how we run and organise things.

Please find the Covid-19 safety measures and Risk assessment, that we have put in place below.

Before - Classes & Events

After the 17th of May 2021 we can only have a limited number of participants, in our classes and events! Once restrictions are fully lifted by the Government after the 21st of June , we can then gradually increase the number of participants again.

You will have to book and pay for your classes and/or events in advance, and in Couples using the webshop via our Tango-Fever website HERE. There will be NO TICKET SALES AT THE DOOR (temporarily and until further notice).

During the booking process it is essential that you provide your correct and up to date contact details. We HAVE to do this in order to have a Track & Trace system in place, in the event one of the participants has contracted Covid-19.

Limited places available. Due to the Covid restrictions, we can only have a limited number of participants in our classes and events. Please check the schedule on our website HERE, in order to check availability  per class/event.

By booking and participating in any of our Group classes or events, you automatically agree to the Tango-Fever terms & conditions, including Covid-19 measures. That you voluntarily assume all risks involved, and fully understand the nature of the activities taking place (dancing in close proximity of others).

Surfaces of Tables, chairs and Bathrooms, will be thoroughly cleaned with an antibacterial cleaning product. Before the start of classes and events.

* Please do NOT come to our classes or events if you're not feeling well. 
* Please do NOT come if you have a raised/high Temperature
* Please do NOT come if you are experiencing ANY of the known Covid-19 symptoms

You can order regular rapid flow tests online with the NHS

On Arrival - Classes & Events

Arrival Times - CLASSES
The Doors will open approximately 15 mins before the classes start. So that we have enough time to check people in and start the class on time

Arrival Time - PRACTICA
Please do NOT arrive early for the Practica! Due to the Covid restrictions we can not allow people to arrive early and mix with the class participants. We need to give people who have not booked for the practica, time to leave the premises safely first.  

Separate Entrance and Exit

In order to minimise the risk of creating Pinch points, and too many people congregating in the same area. There will be a separate Entrance on arrival, and Exit on departure of the venues that we use. (please follow the signing)

Please wear a Facemask or Covering on Arrival & Departure
At times things might still get a bit busy, so please wear your face mask or covering when you arrive for your class and/ or event. And do the same when you leave the venues.

If you are dancing with someone from your household, or a member of your safety Bubble, you do not have to wear your face mask/covering, during the classes or event.

Taking your Temperature on arrival
When entering our venues for our classes and/or events, your body temperature will be taken with an infrared body thermometer.
Anybody with a low or high fever will be refused Entry! 

During - Classes & Events

Alcohol based hand sanitiser will be provided at various locations in the venues. Please apply generously on arrival, between dances, and when you leave. Washing your hands with anti-bacterial soap provided in the bathrooms will work nicely too.

Where possible keep your distance of 1,5 meter to other people. Of course not counting your (dance) partner, or safety Bubble Buddy.

NO changing of dance partners! For the duration of the class you keep working with the same partner. In time we will return to changing partners again once the Government abolishes all Covid-19 restrictions completely, and it is safe to do so.

The same applies for dancing during the Practica or Events that we organise. Only after the 21st of June, and assuming the implementation of step 4 out of lockdown is not delayed. Can we allow people to change partners again.

AFTER - Classes & Events

Please make sure that you wash your hands, and/or use hand sanitiser, one last time before you leave the venue after the class/event.

Don't forget to EXIT the venue on the other side, and NOT through the Entrance. Please follow the Signing and traffic when leaving the building.

In case you have fallen ill, and/or if you have been tested positive for Covid-19 after visiting one of our classes/events. Please notify us at your earliest convenience, so that we in turn can notify all other participants, who have attended the same class/event on that day.
 (your ID will be kept confidential of course).


We know that this is a LOT of new information to take in... (we are quite dizzy from all of it ourselves). We've tried to keep everything as clear and compact as we possibly could.

BUT we can imagine that things still might not be clear to you, or that you might have some (additional) questions for us. So please feel free to EMAIL us at any time!

We hope and are looking forward to resume our Tango activities together with you safely soon!!

"The atmosphere in Hiba and Rene's class was light and very enjoyable. If I'm ever in London, I will definitely track them down! I really learned a lot from them."

Nicole, Portland, OR