COVID-19 safety measures

Your safety and comfort are still our number 1 concern.

Although legal restrictions will be fully lifted from the 19th of July 2021 onwards, we want to manage the balance of having as ‘normal’ a dance experience as possible while keeping both you and our staff safe.

As the situation and the government guidelines are constantly evolving, we will continue to monitor closely and amend these measures as and when needed in order to comply with changing government regulations. 


The short answer is NO, you don't "have" to.

- For dancing/milongas, you’re welcome to come as a single dancer, as well as in couples 

- Regarding classes you can join us both as individuals as well as couples. We do change partners from time to time, but only for the people who feel comfortable enough to do so. If people prefer to stay with their dance partner then that's absolutely okay too.


Only if you want to save money on reduced entry prices! However drop-in payments at the door are also possible - see all details here.

During the booking process it is essential that you provide your correct and up to date contact details. We HAVE to do this in order to have a Track & Trace system in place, in the event one of the participants has tested positive for Covid-19.


- We’re reducing the number of classes so that all of them can be taught in the large hall with more space and better ventilation.

 - We will continue to check your temperature at the door and to provide hand sanitiser.

 - As always windows and doors will be open at all times, and fans are working for ventilation.

- Surfaces of tables, chairs and bathrooms, will be thoroughly cleaned with an antibacterial cleaning product before the start of classes and events.

- Please be mindful that dancers will be at different 'comfort' levels with regards to re-opening and respect others' preferences to change/not to change partners. One more reason cabeceo/mirada invitations rock!

  • We ask you kindly to stay at home in case you’re not feeling well and/or have been asked to self-isolate. You can order regular rapid flow tests online with the NHS

- In case you have fallen ill, and/or if you have tested positive for Covid-19 after visiting one of our classes/events, please let us at your soon as possible so that we can notify all other participants, who have attended the same class/event on that day. (your ID will be kept confidential of course).

By booking and participating in any of our group classes or events, you automatically agree to the Tango-Fever terms & conditions, including Covid-19 measures. That you voluntarily assume all risks involved, and fully understand the nature of the activities taking place (dancing in close proximity of others).


We know that this is a LOT of new information to take in... (we are quite dizzy from all of it ourselves). We've tried to keep everything as clear and compact as possible.

Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to EMAIL us at any time.

We look forward to seeing you back at tango whenever you feel ready to do so!

"The atmosphere in Hiba and Rene's class was light and very enjoyable. If I'm ever in London, I will definitely track them down! I really learned a lot from them."

Nicole, Portland, OR