About Tango-Fever

About Tango Fever

Our dancing, our teaching

The essence of our dancing is the communication between two people which is born in the embrace and lives and breathes through the music. In our teaching, we focus on the skills that will enable our students to create and enjoy their own dance: musicality, and a clear understanding of the concepts of leading and following. Our foundations are traditional but our methods embrace modern techniques and natural, organic movement.

In our classes, we strive to create a relaxed and friendly environment where students can be active, social and learn to dance and enjoy tango!

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What is Tango?

There are many different variations and theories in the history of tango, both the music and the dance, all of which tell the story of it's dramatic evolution over the past century and it's exportation from Argentina to the rest of the world. Today, as well as in Argentina, one can dance tango in some of the most diverse corners of the world, from Europe to Japan, Australia, USA, Turkey, Egypt and many other places thanks to it's current revival.

There are various styles of tango but all share a common root in the tango embrace and the wonderful connection between two people and of course the captivating music. It is largely a social dance based on improvisation and enjoyed by people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Argentine Tango?

Born over a 100 years ago in Buenos Aires, Argentinean Tango* is a couple social dance corresponding to Tango music and is typically associated with the melancholic sound of the bandoneón, a musical instrument loosely related to the accordion.

* This description refers to authentic Argentine tango, which is different from the Ballroom Tango that has been adapted to the preferences of conventional ballroom dancers, and incorporated into the repertoire used in International Ballroom dance competitions.

"We all thought you were amazing and your teaching style and attention to everyone in the room was outstanding."

Janet, Devon