Welcome to TANGO GARDEN! 


London's favourite Saturday afternoon Milonga & Tango Classes.

Tango Garden is the highest rated Milonga in the UK, according to 2 independent surveys by Tango Fuzz



In the wonderful and quiet surroundings of Corams fields, you'll find this amazing Tango gem where you can take great classes (for various levels). And where you can find some of the most fun afternoon social dancing London has to offer.

Together with Maral Kojayan and Mariano Laplume (the original founders), Rene and Hiba are running the classes and the Milonga. Alternating every other week between the two Tango couples. Supported by their awesome teaching team and helpers, you'll find a warm and very welcoming place to dance!  


14.00 - 15.00    Absolute Beginners
14.00 - 15.00    Improvers
15.00 - 16.00    Intermediate + 

If you're not sure in what level you belong, then please check with the teachers first before the classes start.
(Prices & Packages please see below) 


Tango Garden has TWO rooms. So whether you like to socialise, just enjoy some nice dances, practice and investigate or do a bit of everything,  Tango Garden is the place to be on a Saturday Afternoon.  You can quite literally have your cake and eat it !!

The Milonga 4-7pm - in the Band Room there is an Argentine style 'Practica social' type Milonga a relaxed atmosphere informal dance space.  A very social space where the line of dance and circulation rules are respected for the enjoyment of all, but without the strict rules associated with ultra-traditional milongas (see FAQs for more information). 

The Pure Practice Room 5pm - in the Guide Hall is a pure practice space with background music without cortinas.  People are free to stop and discuss and work on anything in their Tango dancing as they like. 


We usually have 3 home-made cakes (made from scratch by Mariano or Rene with good quality ingredients, such as free-range eggs). Plus there is tea/coffee, biscuits, sangria during the warmer months and other refreshments.  We happily put in the time and effort for the baking as a gesture of our love and appreciation for all who attend Tango Garden.

We do appreciate a small donation of £1 to help cover the cost for all the ingredients.


£10 =   Class only
£12 =   1 class & dance
£18 =   2 classes & dance
£7   =   dancing only (both rooms included)

IMPORTANT - If you don't see someone at the door, it doesn't mean you don't have to pay!  🙂
We run the event on trust and expect people to pay the entrance fee for the milonga and write their name on the entrance form.

How to get there

Band Hall at Coram's Fields
93 Guilford Street, WC1N 1DN

Come in through the main gate of the children's playground (across the road from Lamb's Conduit Street).  After dark the playground is closed but you can still get in through the Band Hall door a few meters up the road.

Russell Square, Holborn, Kings' Cross

Free street parking after 13.30

02 June 2018 - closed due to venue unavailability

"I had a great time in your classes at Tango Primavera in Stockholm... I have to say that I love your mixture of taking it seriously, having fun and sometimes teasing the seriousness... it's great, and inspiring"
Trevor, Stockholm