Wedding Dance


Argentine Tango is a wonderful choice for a first dance; beautiful, elegant and very memorable.

We'll work together with you to create a tailor made and personal choreography that's just right for you. And with clear instruction you'll feel comfortable and ready for your big day - even if you've never danced before! 

It's very important for us that you enjoy the experience of preparing for this special dance on your big day and that the classes are a delightful break from your planning rather than an added stress.

Over the years, we had the pleasure of helping many couples make their dreams become a reality by guiding them into tango and their performance of a lifetime. And we’re looking forward to help you too!


As every person/couple is unique, and has their own wishes, it is tricky to say how many classes you exactly need. It’s up to each couple for them to decide how many classes they feel they need.

But from experience we would say that a couple needs at least 5 to 10 classes, in order to create a dance that they feel happy and comfortable with performing in front of their friends and family.


Read the story of Anneclaire & Martin, and how they tell us about their Tango journey from their first steps in our school in Euston. To their wedding day, where they performed their first dance proudly and beautifully. Start reading HERE

For further information or to book a private class or Wedding Packages you can reach us though the contact page, email or give us a call on +44 (0)7530 493 826

"Amid the stress of organising our wedding, our sessions with Rene planning our special dance were a complete joy.

A gifted choreographer and born teacher, Rene put together an original routine for us, building up a really elegant and impressive tango within our capabilities.

At the wedding itself our dance went down a storm: it was the first (and probably the last) time our dancing has ever raised a cheer. We even managed to arrive at our end pose on the right beat.

A year later our dance is still one of the things people remember about our wedding - and one of our best memories of an amazing day."

Morag, London