Taking Private classes is the perfect way to fast track, and improve your Tango dancing quickly!


Which Route to take?

  • You've never danced Tango before, and you are not sure if you're ready to join group classes just yet... Perhaps taking group classes is simply not your cup of tea. Or you want to progress through the beginner stages much quicker, so you can start dancing a lot sooner.
  • You have been studying and dancing Tango for a while now, and you just feel a little bit frustrated with the progression that you're (not yet) making...  And you just need that little bit of extra help and attention, to bring your dancing to the next level.

Whatever your motivation is to take Private Tango classes. With more then 20 years of dancing & teaching experience, we are confident that we can help you on your way in your Tango journey. And bring your dancing to the level where you want to be.  

Private classes can be arranged for individuals (1 on 1), for couples (1 on 2), and for small groups up to 4 couples.

We care deeply about the comfort and well being of all our students, and the progression that they make. Therefore you will get a 100%  our undivided attention in every class during these 1 on 1 sessions.

We offer private classes for ALL levels, to beginners as well as for more experienced Tango dancers. They can be arranged as single lessons or as an ongoing series of classes (packages) at a discounted rate.

We also offer specialised private classes and packages for Wedding Dances.

For further information or to book a private class you can reach us though the contact page, email give us a call on  +44 (0)7530 493 826  (Rene)

"Hiba and René are energetic hands-on instructors who teach with clarity, precision and humor. They are particularly adept at pinpointing those subtleties in each individual's dance that help improve technique and connection. Their classes are nothing short of illuminating and fun!"

Michelle, New York